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  • Q How do you take care when your clients received defective products?

    A Sorry for the trouble. In that case, we will replace the defective products for you. If there are some defective items, we usually credit to our customer our replace in next shipment. We will do our best and give you the most sensible solution to tackle your problems.
  • Q How long it takes to design my molds?

    A The mold design timeline is dependent upon the complexity of the project. A simple construction mold can be designed in 1 or 2 days, while a complex mold can take several weeks. Our designers and project manager will work closely with you to design your mold in professional and efficient manner.
  • Q Can I customized my orders?

    A Yes. We offer OEM service. Please contact us  to check with the details. We can customize the length, color and Logo of the product for you. 
  • Q Do you have in-house mold design?

    A Yes, we have our own design team, led by a engineering manager with over 20 years’ expertise.
  • Q Is Eastar Tech an ISO registered company?

    A Yes, Eastar Tech is an ISO 9001:2015 certified mold manufacturer, we take pride in our constantly improving process and always try to add value for customers with the best efforts.
Eastar Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in providing mold design, mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding & assembly of one-stop service. 



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