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Company Annual Meeting in the 2021

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Company Annual Meeting in the 2021


All employees of Eastar Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. held the 2021 Annual Company Meeting and the 2022 Spring Festival Gala with the theme of "Gathering Eastar to Create Wonderful" in the industrial park. Nearly 100 employees gathered together to enjoy the grand ceremony.

The Jade Bull is auspicious, the golden tiger is offering auspiciousness, the purple energy is coming from the east, and Vientiane is renewed! Say goodbye to the unforgettable 2021 and welcome the new 2022;

At the annual meeting, the company's executives firstly sent a New Year's congratulation to all employees. President Liu reviewed Eastar Tech’s mental journey in 2021, expressed his deep concern for Eastar Tech’s employees and expectations for the company's development, and affirmed the achievements in 2021. The brilliant achievement of Eastar Tech, one step at a time, a new height every year. The leader's report is full of affection and inspiring, and it is believed that the company will reach a new level in 2022.

Eastar Tech’s development is inseparable from the hard work of front-line employees; Eastar Tech’s today is inseparable from the joint efforts of front-line employees, and every effort must be rewarded; Mr. Liu, general manager of Eastar Tech, gave a briefing on the outstanding employees of Eastar Tech in 2021. Recognition and awards!

This annual meeting was full of splendor. The beautiful, enthusiastic and passionate performances of Eastar Tech elites brought a shocking visual feast to the leaders, guests and all employees present. The bright fireworks are the brilliant colors of the New Year; the loud singing is the moving melody of the New Year! This is a joyous event, which not only shows the positive youthful outlook of all employees, but also shows the harmony and friendship of all our colleagues, and also conveys the company's great ambitions and high-flying ambitions!

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